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So some companies marketing departments have finally cottoned onto Protein.

The fact that people want “higher protein”
Products, and that pure carb foods aren’t great for us.

The biology bit first.

Carbohydrates so all grains and breads, fruit and veg are made up of and broken down in the body into molecules of sugar.

Carbs like cakes, sweets, biscuits and white grains are broken down a lot quicker than starchy carbs like veg and fruit – the quicker release ones raise our blood sugar levels quickly – giving us that spike in energy but then a drop soon after (dropping energy and fuelling hunger) as the hormone Insulin plays its roll in removing the sugar from the bloodstream, and storing it in muscles and liver for energy (or fat if you consume too many – we can only store a certain amount – hence being inactive and high carb diets make people fat)

When insulin is released fat burning is switched off- so if you eat sugary carbs often that continuously elevate insulin levels you’ll struggle with energy and fat loss.

Both protein and fats are made up differently, but also slow the digestion of sugars in the body – good all round – this is why ideally why meals should Consist of a small amount of carbs, some protein and fats.

So marketing companies like the above have realised people are a bit more careful with choices and so have brought out “Protein versions”


Be aware of marketing!

Weetabix seem to have simply added a little bit of Oat Flour(which contains a tiny amount of protein) into their wheat product -NOW they call it PROTEIN PACKED!!!

ha ha!! Try a teaspoon of protein per serving my friend!

The nature valley bars, which we give our kids occasionally, so I’m not knocking everything has now included Soy protein to give them a massive “just over a teaspoon”
Of protein! Soy isn’t a great digestive version of protein for many.

So what’s better?!
Greek yoghurt, berries and nuts?
Eggs on toast?
Protein pancakes?
Feta, avocado on Rye toast?

Nut butter on rice cakes?
Oat cakes and cottage cheese?
Celery and nut butter?
Hummus and cucumber sticks?

Jargon is another way of adding confusion and they should really be helping people not confusing further!

Hope it helps!

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