What do YOU see?

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What you see, is what you’ll do.

Sounds obvious, but when you’re “tied up”
in “everyday stuff” – noticing that days are rolling into the next,
and you’re left,

scratching your head as to what you’ve done,
and what is possibly left to do;

This is when frustration and overwhelm kicks in.
If it regularly appears over a number of months,
life can become VERY disconnected.

** How to see AND DO **

1. Have a CLEAR focus on WHY you’re doing something,
or WHY you NEED to do/change something.

2. Be focussed. Forget multi tasking, no matter what ANYONE says.
It means you’re watering down your focus, ability and clarity.
Focus on the ONE thing that NEEDS to be done/changed.

3. Understand / be clear on the what the benefits are of doing and completing this task. If it means something to you, or you can tie a value to it, it will become THAT much more important to you.

4. DON’T be afraid to ask for help. You tell this to your kids right?
So why are YOU any different? Coz you’re more pig headed, that’s about it – but why increase your frustration and anxiety?

5. Don’t judge, don’t assume. 2 of the BIGGEST things which put us further into “threat” mode, out of logical brain and into emotional brain, where those voices start to talk, question, and throw doubt and disconnection on what you’re trying/need to do.


Be Clear.
Be Focussed.
Take Action.
Be ReConnected!

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