What does yours look like?

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A little tip around achieving and completing stuff.

As ever, you can take it or leave it 😉

So what does success look like to you?
Could be around a work task,
could be a weightloss or fitness goal,
improving workout frequency or energy levels.

But whatever it is you MUST know what “success” 
looks like – what is the “Yep I achieved it” – the destination.

This is where MANY people go wrong,
and a HUGE reason why many fall off the wagon,
lose motivation, start falling short, 
end end up beating themselves up over.

Not being ULTRA clear, and having clarity around
the end result.

When you have this you can build the steps (journey)
towards the destination, but you’ll also know
when you’re on or off track.

So scribble  it down – make it REAL,
make it concrete – have that ‘chequered flag’ clear.

For Sure – often done? 
Not from people I’ve spoken to!

We’re all busy, we all have plenty on,
this is why things that we WANT to change,
have to be clear, we have to help ourselves,
and get the map laid out,
and not leave things to chance.

Hope it helps!

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