WHAT is stopping YOU?

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How many times have you dismissed something
without giving it REAL thought or a
chance/option – especially if it could improve

Possibly through a bit of FEAR or APPREHENSION,
or “I don’t normally….”, or “last time I did

Chances are it’s happened more than once.

Patterns form and grow when we feed them.

Whether this is positive thoughts/actions or
negative/neutral ones.

If you have kids, how many times have you said;

—> “You won’t know if you like it unless you
try it” with food or an action?

—> “If you don’t try you’ll never get any

—> “What have you got to lose, you might like
it/be good at it”

and this last one ^^^ is the crucial one!

Unless you try, how you do you KNOW. I mean how
do you REALLY know?

*** And what has changed from the advice you
give/were given as a child to now? — I reckon
the fact that you’ve “found life” and things
don’t always go to plan – but why hold that
against trying/changing?! ***

Don’t give me any of that (looking for the
easy/quick way out) – “because last time I
tried xxxx ” because guess what?! Today is a
new day. Is today EXACTLY the same as last
time? I mean EXACTLY?!


And if you want to go a step further, look at
the reasons why last time didn’t go to plan.

– What was involved? – Who was involved? – How
did you feel? – What were you doing? – What can
you do differently? – Who can you speak to this
time? – What can you prepare beforehand? – How
can you prepare YOURSELF differently this time?

If you actually think about the “fear” aspect,
we only really fear injury, pain or death – so
unless you’re planning some leap of faith, I
don’t think the emotion you really have is

Probably more like a lack of confidence? And as
a post lower down mentioned, “Confidence Is
Knowing What You Need To Do”


Do you KNOW what you need to do? Do you KNOW
HOW you’re going to do it?

No shame in saying no. BUT there is shame in
sitting with it, and knowing you could be
better, you could be happier, you could be more

^^^^ Drop me a message if you’d like some
Direction 🙂 ^^^^

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