What is your WHY?!

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An open question, a simple word, but one that is probably the most powerful, if you really want to set a target that will make a difference to YOU.

When most people decide they want to do something, they have a pretty rough idea, varying from blatant hope, to a properly structured idea and goal.

“I’m going on a diet” – Blatant Hope
“I’m on going on holiday in 4 weeks, I’m gonna lose some weight” – A part target, but not hugely specific, how much?

“On 20th August, I’ve booked a 10k run and want to run it in under 40mins” – specific, measurable and planned


“Why?” is quite a basic word to look at, but when you break things down, it can be extremely powerful, and could be the catalyst to HUGE steps and changes.

Sunday morning, I got up at 6:30am and went for a 6mile run, while most were tucked up in bed, and many would wake with a hangover.

Why? — Because the day before I had booked 7 duathlons between September and November, a number of which, has a 10k run as the first leg.
If I hadn’t booked those, I would still have been in bed, and although I probably wouldn’t have had a hangover, I might have had a slight “wine-head”!

So my “Why”, is I’m quite competitive with myself, and each duathlon I’ll be looking to improve my own times on the bike and run legs from each duathlon to the next, looking to improve my times in training, and eventually knocking a little of each time, at each event.

Not against anyone else….this is pointless; I can’t control their training, efforts and plans etc, but I CAN control my own, so that’s where my focus is.

So my “Why?” is set. Although not specific in terms of a fixed time/outcome etc, it will be as I approach each event, as I’ll set times to beat in the lead up to each one.

Once you have a “Why?” you have EVERY reason “NOT to go out drinking in the week, NOT to have the morning pastry at work, NOT to go to the pub with work at lunchtime, NOT to order that pizza when you could cook something from the fridge, NOT to hit the vending machine at work etc”
It’s worth spending some time to think of YOUR “WHY?” and really dig deep to find why you are doing what you’re doing. “To look better” isn’t really strong enough. Is there an event you’re going to in the future you want to walk in, and have heads turning?!
Have you got family members, friends, who always make comments about your appearance?
Have you got an event planned, or in the pipeline?

If the “WHY?” is strong enough, trust me, you’re not going to fail. It’s when people’s “Why?” is not important enough to them, or meaningful enough that they can lose interest after a few days or weeks, because they can “take or leave” the outcome. You truly have to find a deep, personal reason for taking the challenge on.

So, once you have your “Why?” you can work on your “How/What” !

For me, my “Why?” is I want to perform to my best on each event and look to equal or better my times/performance with each duathlon event.
My “How and What?” is through setting a training plan (Which involved getting up on a Sunday to run 6 miles), knowing when I’m exercising and what I’m doing at each session;
– Run, Bike, Weights?
– Short hard session, or longer, steady one?
– What supplements am I taking?
– Daily water intake
– Food planning for the day pre/post workout

So in essence, you need to find your true reason for doing something – YOUR “Why?” – too many people jump straight in with the “What?” e.g “I want to lose weight”….this is fine, but without the “Why?” You don’t have that driving force behind you, especially when challenges or hard times creep up….your “What?” isn’t going to be strong enough by itself to keep you going.
Once you’ve done that, it’s just a case of putting the plan into effect around it.

You’ve then got your GOAL and PLAN. Something that’s likely to take you a good few weeks or months to achieve, shouldn’t be decided in 2 mins! Take some time out and plan exactly your “WHY, HOW and WHAT”

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