What REALLy is the comfort zone?

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“Step out of your comfort zone”!

It’s the phrase we’re always told.

– ‘You’ll never progress if you don’t step out!”
– ‘You’ll only get the same if you do the same!”
– ‘If you want to improve, you need to get out the zone!”

Phrases we all hear,
but does it really help?!


-It’s often another “I KNOW what I should be doing, but I’m NOT!” moment

Sure, when we do it, we often see, or realise
that things weren’t quite as bad as we ‘imagined them to be’


More often than not we’re glad
we DID;
– take that step,
– DO that thing,
– ASK that question,
– INVEST in that help,
– PLANNED that change,
– STOPPED that thing which no longer serves us,
– STARTED that thing we said we’d do but hadn’t.


So what is ‘Our Comfort Zone’?

Realistically, it’s our “Internal Bullshit Zone”
Those voices in our head,
our subconscious, emotional brain,
our internal dialogue;
** that starts asking all those questions,
** tries to predict a future outcome,
** tries to push the situation out the way
** tries to justify why you CAN’T or SHOULDN’T

but that’s all it is –
an internal ‘flag’ that waves at you;
“Errr bear this in mind – it’s something new you’re not used to doing – is that a good idea?!”

It’s NOT fact.
It’s NOT how it has to be.
It’s NOT a reason to ignore, cover up or shy away.

It just means it’s something you’re not currently doing.

And as I say to those in my MindFit Improvement Group;

– The negative emotions we get can be looked at, as a SIGNAL that action needs to happen
– The positive emotions we get, can be looked at as a RESPONSE or SELF APPRECIATION that you TOOK action.


Don’t FEAR or STOP change because you haven’t done it before, or your Internal BS light comes on –
challenge it, ask yourself WHY it came on, WHAT changing path would bring, and then HOW you’re going to do it.


So, you dropping any Internal BS today?!

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