What they REALLY mean!

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So luckily I only got a couple of tellings off

rather than unsubscribes, on yesterdays email,

for putting Formula One

on the “nasty list” (Come on, you can see cars driving around everyday, right?!!!)

Anyhow, today’s topic;


– Common phrases and their REAL meanings.

Controlling or managing your “belief system” is crucial

to results or failure. What you believe, think and tell yourself

WILL control your actions.

Make them clear, make them positive.

And remember, if any of these strike a chord,

don’t take offence, maybe take note, think

and look to change next time?!


– “I’m too busy for XXX”

There is a MASSIVE difference between being busy,

and being productive. Only one produces

results and satisfaction.

We can ALL find something to keep us busy every day,

but is it stuff that actually makes a difference?

Work first on the things that will make a difference

Time is the only thing you can’t get back!


“I get bored easily!”

Maybe, but more likely you have no clear direction,

as to what you want and how you’re going to get it.

If you did, you’d be focussed and laser sighted.

Equally what you want might just be in your head.

Write it down, set a plan – this gives a different

dimension to the goal and how the brain

sees/deals with it.


“Yeah, I know, BUT…….”

This is a great one – often said when

you know what’s being said or offered

is the right way, or a productive offering,

but you’re too “closed” to change view/opinion,

or it’s likely to take you out of your comfort zone,

and the defence barriers go up!


To me, it goes like this;
“Yeah I know you’re right, but I’ve always done it like this, and even though 
it doesn’t or isn’t working for me, I think I should stick to it!”
– “I think I need to mix it up a bit/need to try something new”
Sometimes yes, if it’s not working, change,
but only if you’ve followed all the above!

Too many times people act like magpies,
searching out the next “shiny object”
with the possibility it’s bigger and better,
but if this is a common occurrence,
you maybe need to study the silver object
your currently have, use it more regularly,
or ask yourself “What is it, in this silver object I’m actually looking for?!”
Changing for the sake of change isn’t the best
for mind, body and consistency!

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