Wheat Belly

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– Why you need to limit Wheat gluten,
and better alternatives.
From personal PT experience (Which is where I base most of my views and results from – and they aren’t bad if you wanna check here!)
4 in 5 people don’t do well, eating
wheat often.
Tiredness, puffy stomach, stomach aches, muscle aches
all are symptoms of not being able
to digest wheat gluten (a protein which has glue like properties…..yum!)
– Pasta
– Cakes
– Biscuits
as the main products.
Unfortunately, we’ve been led down the
“we should all eat cereal, toast and sandwiches”
as a staple food,
Try Spelt pasta instead of normal wheat,
easier to digest.
I personally wouldn’t go for
“Gluten free” products – check the ingredients list,
– Full of all sorts!
—->> I was asked why Rye Bread is better than “normal”;
Ok, a few reasons;

1) Look at the ingredients on a rye loaf and then on a sliced Hovis (etc) loaf – probably 3 ingredients versus about 13 – so a lot less natural.
2) A rye loaf probably lasts about 3-4 days, so more natural, a sliced loaf – 10 days? Plus it starts to smell vinegary in the pack? Lots of preservatives
3) Lots of people, some minor, some major have a wheat gluten intolerance, causing stomach ache, bloating, skin conditions etc etc – rye ( a pure rye loaf) doesn’t contain wheat gluten
4) Wheat is very heavily processed (lots taken out, lots put in)
5) White breads are even worse, bleached and all the fibre and any benefits removed, hence it’s “softer” but digests and raises blood sugars quicker = bad.

I love a good Pizza.

Especially Prezzo VIP (the ones the size of the table!)

but the next morning it’s like

I’ve swallowed a watermelon! – Rock hard swollen stomach.

Like most digestive issues – you don’t know the benefits

until you remove them.

So I’ll still have the odd pizza now

and then

but I won’t be eaten wheat on a

daily/weekly basis.

Choices, choices, choices

and as always they’re up to you,

I’ll supply the info – you choose if you wanna implement 🙂

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