When fat loss slows down

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A question from one of my email entern-ment subscribers.

You can get them, and ask away here – https://markpt.leadpages.net/lgfgformula/

Q — I’ve started exercising for the the first “real” time

over the last few months, and whilst I initially lost some weight,

it’s now plateau’d and I’m not losing any more?

A — OK weightloss will primarily be diet related. You need to

look at what you’re eating. If you haven’t got your “The Formula”

ebook, click here and download for FREE!

This will tell you things hindering health, energy and weightloss results.

We all eat far more often than we exercise,

so it makes sense to look at the things we do often right?

Some food types are the main culprits, especially when eaten often.

Secondly, exercise works fine at first, but keep doing the same thing

repeatedly, and you’ll get what you’ve always got!

You need to change about what you do, and how you do it. Move faster,

lift slightly heavier, rest less, repeat more often. Keep the body guessing.

Just don’t try too much too soon – the body needs time to adjust too!


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