When you “fall off plan”

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So, one of our TribeFit Members posted
something yesterday, I’ve touched on before,
but is likely to have affected most of us at some point;


“I have a confession to make. I’m currently on Look Great Feel Great in 21 Days and I’ve not been able to follow it as much as I wanted and I feel like an absolute failure. I’m quite stressed with all this house moving and making some big life decisions and I thought LGFG would help me focus but I’ve fallen off the wagon more than once. Bad eating habits are kicking in and I’m literally eating my emotions”


Ring any bells?!

?Having a plan to follow, or a diet you’re on,
then something happens and BAM!


You’re into F#ck It mode, and the furthest thing
from your current mindset is that goal you set,
the flat tummy, the 10lbs to lose, or the holiday coming up in 4 weeks?


So why?
– You’ve got the plan.
– You’ve got the desire.
– You’ve got the focus.

They’ve all worked before.



Because you have a brain.

Because you have feelings.

Because you have emotions.


You may have been told by a trainer, friend, partner;

– You don’t want it enough.

– You need more motivation.

– You need to focus more.

– You need to work harder.



Sorry, but true!


You see, as I’ve said before;

Feelings/Emotions create Thoughts

Thoughts create Action

Actions create Re-actions

and round you go again


Something would have happened to start the F#uck it moment.

Something would have been said,



happened, and you started thinking.

These thoughts started building up more and more,

triggering emotions, triggering thoughts, moving you

further and further away from logical thinking,

logical goals and actions, until BAM.


You’re reaching for whatever is to hand and eating it.

You’re flying off the handle and letting rip

You’re closing up, and not letting anyone in.

You’re building more and more self-blame, guilt thoughts into the mix.

You’re walking away from whatever you were doing.


And none of these are YOUR fault.

Sure, they happened in your head,

but without being made aware of them,

why should you not think “It’s all me again, I’ve F#ucked it up again”

It’s about taking a bit of time out,

focussing on NOW (not what’s happened, or could happened)

and gaining clarity on what’s just happened and what needs

to happen.


You might have heard the analogy of “peeling the onion”,

?so taking away the layers of confusion, stress etc

and getting to the core of the problem to stop the issues

happening again.


Sure the above is often easier said than done.

But this is where a GOOD coach can come in to help

^^^^ I’m waving at ya !! ^^^^


I’m starting work on an AMAZING Transformation coaching plan

to help people with stressors, or repeating issues

to resolve these for good.



Just pulling the sheets over something, isn’t the way to make something go away……

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