When you need to JBS

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Continued my “new habit” from last week,
or getting to the gym at 6:30am this morning,
as I was finding things too much of a 
rush in the day – it had to happen, 
but timings had to change.

Thing is I’d been telling myself for so long
I wouldn’t/haven’t worked out well in the morning,
that I’d be too tired to make it productive,
that I’d actually convinced myself,
and it was not longer a viable option.

See, with anything,
the more repetitions we give something,
and this means physically, 
or even just thought,
the more we convince our brain,
it’s a good/bad idea.

Think about it for a second………..
Initially it doesn’t know if we should or shouldn’t.

It looks to how we feel about it.
It then starts to “cement” this thought,
via repetition.

This can be positive or negative.

A “barrier” for starting something,
is either a limiting belief we are giving ourself;

– I can’t do it because….
– This won’t work because…..
– I haven’t before because….
– Haven’t got time of this because….

or it’s a Fear of JBS.
Just Bloody Starting!

– I”ll do xxx when I get xxx
– I’ll start Monday
– I’ll start doing xxx when I get xxx
– I’m just gonna wait until xxxx

Can often be a fear of judgement, fear of failure, fear of shame or guilt.

Well, how is that fear gonna be if you stay
as you are?!

And how exactly are you gauging the judgement/fear/shame/guilt etc?

If there’s something you’re putting off,
and have been for a while, ask this;

‘How will I feel if this is still lingering over me in 2 weeks or 2 months?”

Be you.
Take the step, and change something that isn’t working.

If you need help with it – that’s what I’m here for,
and I’m open again for the next in take on my
MindFit Coaching Plan


P.S. I know you’ve ALL got something that’s being put off – so JBS?!

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