Where’s my Motivation?

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Something we all look for more of at some point,
but what is it and where does it come from?

First off we never lack motivation 
around something that is a priority to us.

Whether this is tuning in for Bake Off
despite not working out that day,
or possibly planning what tomorrow’s meal’s!

Going out to a football match with friends,
or meeting up at the pub with friends etc.

We’ll always do what we prioritise,
without any drain on the “motivation bank”

However, motivation is not something we 
get first, before doing something.

Yet, we’ll often sit and wait,
often telling others how we “lack motivation”
at the moment, almost waiting for that
“motivation fairy” to sparkle some dust onto us.

In effect Motivation comes and builds from 
taking action around what we’re putting off,
and doing it, then doing it again.

What we know we should do.

But how do we get started?

1) Chances are we’re stressing out, or overwhelmed
over what we need to do – so make it easier.

2) If it’s going for a run, say to yourself
“OK, I’ll just go upstairs and find my running clothes”

3) Once you’ve done that “OK, I’ll just get them on and pop 
out for 5 mins”

4) Chances are once you’re out, you’ve moved beyond that 
barrier of “no motivation” and 5 mins might turn into 20.

If it doesn’t, so what, you’ve already done more than
you would of previously, then you just build
these steps in again tomorrow or the next day.

As I keep saying small steps done often, will ALWAYS
move you forward, and cause you a lot less stress 
and overthinking about something to boot.

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