Why Diets don’t work!

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Diets! Lovely things eh? Probably 90% of those reading this post have “been on one” at some point, if not more than a handful of them?

The main problem is just that….. “Going on it”
This means, like going on a train or a bus, at somepoint you have got to come off!

What happens then? You resort back to usual habits, weight back on, energy levels drop, and you try the diet again, or look for the next best “diet” that promises great results.


Many of these diets are just not healthy for the body, disrupt hormone balance which in turn affects the bodies organs (liver, kidneys, thyroid) and often leads to health issues in the future.

Many fool you into weight loss by carb elimination (Stored carbs in the body, have water attached to them which is needed to break the carbs down for energy. Cut out carbs, you cut out stored water….. halleluja…..you have massive weight loss on the scales……fat? NO! Eat carbs….weight “scales weight” back on!!), or “controlled calories” which often means lots of packet foods that are full of artificial sweeteners, preservatives and sugar that place more stress on the liver and fat stores.

I popped into town today and was checking the “health” section in the books department. I think this sums up why diets don’t work, but how it’s a multi million pound business………

As I always say;

– If diet pills worked, everyone would take them, and sure as hell as PT’s we’d be using them with our clients!! ….. they don’t!!

– If 1 diet worked, everyone would be on it, and sure as hell as PT’s we’d be using them with our clients!!

Choose something sustainable, eat protein with all meals, limit processed carbs, sugar and alcohol, eat plenty of veg and you’ll be on the way!

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