Why do I “self-sabotage” ?

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– “Okay…I know all the right things to eat but subconsciously at certain times of the day I eat before o even register I’m doing this.

How can I break this habit?”

So, all decisions are based on feelings.
You never, unless in a trance, make a decision subconsciously.
See, our brains are constantly (as a survival mechanism)
scanning our environment, sounds, sights, smells, touch,
for sensory feedback.

These “feedbacks” or feelings, determine our thoughts,
and our thoughts, determine our actions.

Hence why you might have biscuits in the house
every single day, and 6 out of 7 days
you won’t touch them, but for 1 day,
you’re back and forth.

The biscuits have always been there,
you’ve always been there,
but something has triggered a feeling,
which has caused the action of “biscuit raiding”.

It would be a case of asking yourself
– How am I feeling? Stressed, angry, scared, upset?

– Then, what caused this feeling?

– Then it’s a case of being aware that “that feeling”
often pushes you towards the “self destruct” button,

– Next have a look at whether this feeling
always causes you to self destruct, or was it the
“situation” that caused the feeling, which fed the “self destruct”

Because knowing the “trigger” is the answer
to knowing “who fired the gun” !

And without knowing “who fired the gun”
it’s gonna remain an unsolved mystery…………

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