Why does this work, and not that?!

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There’s nothing worse than starting something and then either finishing with the same result as you started with, or even worse, not finishing what you started.

Everyone has their reasons or excuses for not getting what they want, but at the end of the day, the buck stops with YOU!

If YOU want something bad enough, you can get it! But the first thing you need to focus is your attitude! (How many people started thinking of something that haven’t managed in the past, or started thinking of things they “couldn’t do?!)

So as this is a health and fitness blog, let’s focus on fat loss.

Recently a boat load of people took massive action and completed my 19 Day Body Challenge – and came out with awesome results….in just 19 days!

So, what makes something like this work, when others have gone, months, possibly years with not even a fraction of these results?!

1) You have to start with the foundations – the principles or protocols, in this case the programme. It uses proven principals that work, fasting, carb cycling, no crap, plenty of natural foods, regular and challenging workouts.

Forget one off workouts from magazines and gossip columns, seek out a successful Personal Trainer or forum/site where results are regular, not occasional and follow the lead.

If you don’t have a solid foundation to start with, you’re trying to make a cake without half the ingredients!

If you don’t have faith in what you are following, why should you?!

I’ve seen plenty of PT sites/PT’s talking “great talk” but if you’re not showing an end result and regularly, ┬áto this talk, it becomes cheap, and hard to commit to.

2) A supportive and motivating community – all the guys were in a closed, private group, supporting each other, posting regularly to stay accountable both physically and mentally. If you’re eye isn’t on the ball, how are you likely to score?! Most people have too many distractions in life, both self chosen and external…..the more you have the less focus you have on yourself and your aims and targets.

Surround yourself with positive people

Surround yourself with people who have or have got what you want

Minimise contact with those who are likely to knock your attempts or efforts due their own lack of focus or commitment.

Take pictures, photos, cuttings etc of people you aspire to, that makes you feel positive and put them on your wall, your pc or phone screen – the more often you look at and surround yourself with these visions, the more you remember why you are doing something.

3) A realistic time frame – Create something that has too long a goal and it becomes hard to stick to. If you know exactly when you’ll finish, or when the workload will lighten EVERYTHING becomes easier. Think for a second about the last time you went on holiday. How easy was that last week of work leading to the holiday?!! All because you knew there was a downtime to the regularity of daily workings.

4) A reward! You have to have a reward set for the end of the period- this could be anything from a cheat meal or meal out(if you’re planning a programme for a long term)to a shopping trip for new clothes etc at the end of the period. If you don’t have these things it takes the edge off the final push, and again it gives you something to focus a “finish” on.

So…….. what are you going to change next?!!

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