Why get on the scales?

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Most people when wanting to lose fat often start by quoting a figure they’d like to lose …… half a stone, 2 stone etc.

If they don’t have guidance on their goal the target stays as a number and the person will be on and off the scales like a lucky dip stool, weekly, possibly even daily or twice daily in hope more than anything, that the numbers will match up to their dreams and desires.

If you have  a good exercise structure and eating plan in place, i have no problem with occasional weighing as a measure. BUT, if you aren’t really changing anything on a consistent basis, or only use the scales and for a long time…..you’re on a journey you can’t really win.

When pushed, often not hard (!), most people would be more than happy to change their target to a dress, trouser, or clothes size. This makes so much more sense as i will explain!

A phrase i often use is, “When you see a friend or family member you may not have seen for a few months, they aren’t going to look at you and say “WOW, Well done xxxx, you look great, have you lost 10lbs??!!”

They look at you, your shape, your face and skin, and judge “looking good or not so good” on this…… only YOU know the numbers on a scale! No one else cares about this number but YOU!

Far better is to dig out a toip, skirt, dress, trousers, or even go shopping and find something you love and buy it in the next size down! Try THIS on every Sunday evening, and THIS is your goal.

Once you fit into it – job done!!! THIS is what you wanted to wear…..to feel proud wearing, to know people/friends will look at you wearing this, and know you’ve dropped fat!

Ive had clients lose just 3-4lbs, BUT a whole dress size drop due to their body shape changing, and making them feel great and motivated. How would you feel if you dropped just 3lb via the scales, and had no other measure to compare with? Probably a bit disillusioned. Some peoples weight can fluctuate 3-4lb in a day depending on digestive system – this doesn’t mean you’ve gained 3-4lb fat!! Some people can drop a pound going to the toilet, will you mark this as a recordable victory?!

The other “twinned” issue is cortisol, a stress hormone that actually promote fat storage on the abdomen. Periods of stress (lifestyle, work, food intolerances/digestive issues, sleep issues etc) will promote cortisol excretion and offset further hormone imbalances like insulin which stores and can lead to carb cravings, and thyroid production issues. So, picture a week of “good eating” and a bad scales “reading” —- stress + more cortisol + fat storage promotion = back to square 1 and a “oh f*ck it mentality, some poor food choices, and starting again!”   GUTTED!

Release the stress, release the scales and “numbers” and grab hold of a TRUE target/reward and goal………put this item of clothing as you Number 1 target and you’ll be reducing the pressure and stress on yourself and working to an achievable goal and self-satisfaction!!!

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