Why go to all that effort?!

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Well, a sporting weekend of up’s and downs!

First we had England, smashing Australia in the Rugby. It was a big turnaround in performance, attitude and gameplay from previous games, and the Aussies just didn’t know what hit them!

Nowadays rugby players are some of the fittest, most athletic sportspeople around. Gone are the days of overweight forwards and skinny backs, these guys train hard, lift weights, eat well, and have cardio engines that work full on for 80mins.

Then in the evening we had the farce which was David Haye v Audley Harrison. Harrsion has been a great “talker” for many years, and I think he’s convinced himself he’s good!

What I don’t understand is why go to all that effort of training for weeks, eating clean, mental and physical preparation to then do “nothing” on game night?

I think it goes to show a lot of “success” is down to the state of mind. You can train all you like, but if you’re mind isn’t right, or focussed, your performance will be affected………….however, most people don’t get paid about £3 million when they fail!

Have a target or specific goal, train hard, eat well, and then be truly focussed that the work you have put in will get you where you want to be and you’ll be 99% of the way to achieving!

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