Why, into WHAT?!

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In the last post we covered the essentials of YOUR “WHY?” and without this underlying reason for doing something, you’ll simply lack the willpower and motivation to get through challenging times, or a the REAL driving force for succeeding long term.


Hopefully you’ve thought long and hard about your “Why?” for doing things. Remember you’re “Why?” is the first thing to decide, and then leads onto’



Knowing Why you want to achieve something, leads onto the specifics of “What?” you’re going to achieve.


By this you’re getting even more specific;

– Drop 1 dress size by xxx July 2012

– Run a 5k in under 20mins by xxx August 2012

– Complete xx Triathlon, and possibly in a certain time

– Be able to do 25 full press ups without resting.


This is the actual task you want to achieve.

And note the above – it’s not just the task you want, but when you want to do it by. It’s very easy to say I want to be a dress size small by Summer….but it’s not specific enough, especially after finding you’re Why for doing it. Also, without specific dates, goal posts can easily move from a few days to weeks. Get specific, nail it down. Your WHY is your driving force, don’t cheat yourself out of something YOU deserve, and WHY you’re doing it!!!


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