Why it’s always urgent!

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Of late I’ve been talking more about the 
need for Implementation over Information.

In the majority of cases,
we “Know what we should be doing,
we’re just not doing it” scenario.

That or the more information we take
on board, compare with, look for the next 
shiny object, the more confused/overwhelmed we get?!


Let me tell you a story as to WHY 
this happens;

A couple of hundred years back, Ivan Pavlov
found that dogs could be conditioned to salivate
every time a bell was rung – to signal feeding time.

Known as “Classical Conditioning”, 
the same situation happens when your computer or
phone pings with a notification;

Your brain is literally “triggered” that there is a reward of new information.
(Hence the subject line here!)

– A tweet
– A message
– A call
– A Facebook notification
– An email

What do you do?
More often than not, we’re “straight in” !

The human brain wants us to be;

– Socially accepted
– Connected with people
– Doesn’t want to feel left out
– Wants to be accepted

The above are some fundamental reasons
why we almost “crave” information.

We don’t want to feel we’re missing out, or we could be obtaining information which could be of interest!

And with the amount of ‘information’ around us,
or available, it’s no surprise we’re continually;

– confused by information
– Feel in judgement via comparison
– Taken off track or mind, by the next ‘piece of info’
-Our brains often then start a new flow of thoughts,
and emotions over the “new” piece of info and the 
internal dialogue starts again!

This is why controlling your Environment,
controlling the information you receive,
Implementing what you need to,
removing judgement and comparison
and often

having someone “Coach you to logic”
on a regular basis can be a calming
and productive path in life!

Hope that helps, and as ever,
sheds a little light on why things happen – It’s not about just accepting things.

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