Why people get fat at Christmas!

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Christmas could make you Fat!


But fair in a lot of cases!

There was an article recently showing how an average Christmas Day of eating and drinking could total 7,000 calories. Bearing in mind an average male should consume about 2,200kcals and a woman 1800kcals that’s some going.

Think about it though, most start drinking around 11am (how many of you raised your eyebrows and thought 11, that’s late!!) midmorning snacks come out, after a larger than normal breakfast. Xmas dinner starter, then Turkety with all the trimmings and more alcohol. Some Xmas pudding, yule log, and/or mince pies, more alcohol.

In the afternoon while Grandad Fred is passed out in the armchair, the Christmas games come out, as does more alcohol, nibbles and chocolates.

Sandwiches and more snacks come out for tea, as does more alcohol, and then once the kids are in bed, you sit down, reward yuor efforts with some more drinks, and start opening those chocolates that Auntie Sheila gives every year, that you don’t really like, but hey might as well eat them.

I’m sure I’ve missed some food and drink somewhere, but hey ho-ho-ho……..check the pun!

BUT WAIT………… I’m not that fussed about what you eat on Christmas Day…..hell, I’ll be one of those doing the above, after all, it is Christmas Day!

What’s that, shock horror?! But, but, what about getting Fat over Christmas?!!

It’s not the day itself that people get fat on, it’s the weeks leading up to Christmas Day, and likely after.

I saw a post on Facebook the other day, someone saying they had to control their urges for Mince Pies! One of their friends posted “Just have them,……it is Christmas!”

That right there is the reason why you might get Fat over Christmas.

When I last looked, Christmas was 25th December, maybe stretching a day either side! Not about 2 weeks before!

That is why people make up their own rules, times, and ways to make it sound “OK” that they are eating more than they should at times they shouldn’t!

You are fooling yourself!

Indulge what and how you like Christmas Day, but make sure leading up to it, and afterwards, you get back onto that narrow path, unless of course you want to be out of shape, lacking energy, moaning all the time, and falling ill!!

More to come……………….  😉

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