Why the “bottom falls out”

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I reckon there’s 2 factors which destroy

a lot of people’s motivation and plans;

1) Starting a “new regime” and trying to change

too much too quickly.

If you haven’t “done it this way” before, it’s

not suddenly going to fall into place because

you “decided it would”.

There’s gonna be resistance,

there’s gonna be obstacles cropping up,

there’s still the usual “day to day” stuff going on.

You try and “conform” or change too much too quickly,

and you’ve probably done it before, the wheels fall off,

EVERYTHING suddenly becomes MORE stressful,

and you’ll probably ditch the lot…………. fair point?!

2) Talking a good game, or knowing things

aren’t working – but doing NOTHING about it!

In my 60 Day Coaching Group, I posted a pic

yesterday “We have a Strategic Plan – It’s called Doing Things”

And that there is a lot of people’s “crutch” ;

As Nike says “Just Fcukin’ Do IT” ! ( Ok maybe without the French Connection) !

Decide something isn’t working.

Look at ways to improve it.

DO THINGS to correct it!

With my 60 Day Coaching Clients, I have a 6+ page profile report

I’ve compiled on each, via information they’ve given me,

and the plan is to improve EVERY aspect that isn’t

working for them.

Stress Levels


Wearing the same old clothes, and NOT using half their wardrobe

Getting back into BENEFICIAL routines

Feeling Better in general about themselves.

I have business coaches and mentors.

I know how much easier and successful it is to improve,

when you can have someone from the outside

look in – see things that you don’t/can’t because

of day to day “haze”.

It’s also AMAZING to have someone to be ACCOUNTABLE to!

A pen and paper is a great starting point, alongside 10minutes

to just note down anything that keeps

cropping up, and isn’t working how you’d like.

You can move to ways around it later.


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