Why the rush!?

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Couple of things crack me up, and no doubt

you’ve seen before when going on holiday…….



1. You’re waiting at the Gate ready to board the plane,

and the call comes out that it’s ready to board.

It’s almost like they’re saying first on,

gets free champagne! A monster queue forms

as people can’t wait to get on to their “reserved seat”

– What’s the rush?!


2. On landing, the plane slowly pulls in to it’s “bay”,

the seatbelt light goes off, and people are unbuckled,

and out their seats, getting their bags from the overhead locker

faster than Usain Bolt out the blocks.

Do they know a secret exit from the plane I don’t know about?!

Are they getting off that plane faster than me?! No.


3. Probably just before the above happens, the wheels

hit the tarmac and suddenly your see everyones

mobile flashing on, beeping and getting through

texts and voicemails – surely they wen’t on holiday

to get away from the daily routines?!

“I’m back home, gotta get back into routine!!”

Slowwwwww down my friends!

It’s a little like people saying they’re always busy.


But there’s Busy and Being Productive.

It’s being productive that gets the stuff that REALLY matters

done, rather than being bust which is more like;

“I don’t have a spare second, feel like I’m running round in circles,

not feeling like much is getting done, and know this pattern

is likely to happen again tomorrow, and the next day etc”

The next intake of my 60 Day Coaching starts Saturday,

so I’m opening for those who want to apply

for the NEXT round – if you find you’re busy,

but NEED to get productive?!

Worth a think – Busy or Productive?!


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