Why things Do or DON’T go to plan

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So Thursday night, I kicked off the first session on my NEW “MindFit Group Coaching Plan”.

How much we get done on a daily basis
How we feel on a daily basis
How much enthusiasm/energy we have on a daily basis
How much Direction/Focus we have on a daily basis – this includes the ability to stick to “What we KNOW we should be eating”,

ALL of those things we answer “I know what I should be doing, I just don’t do it often enough” – are dictated by our Brainset and our thoughts.

If we don’t know how to control these – you can have ALL the best intentions and plans – they ain’t gonna deliver!

This is why the wheels fall off, despite great intentions.

So, in “Lesson 1” we covered, as you’d expect from the beginning, “How the areas of our brain works, and WHY it DOES what it DOES” (Both the good and bad sides of sabotage!)

This is info I’ve invest over £10k in the last 6months, so I KNOW it’s powerful, but WHAT did they guys think post this first session?!

—> “I gave up taking notes after 4th page!” (That’s OK, it’s all recorded and added to the members group!)

—> “Very in-tune with Daily life, Excellent!”

—> “The Initial 10mins was like you were spying on me in my office – it was exactly ME!”

—> “Thanks Mark, really enjoyed the first session and feel I’ve learnt so much already. Will definitely be watching again so that it all sinks in!”

—> “Awesome first session. Got brain overload now. Already learning to control some of my thoughts”

—> “Biggest plus is having the knowledge of how parts of the brain work, and their relationship. Rather than thinking of the mind as uncontrollable, wilful, at times almost like an enemy, I can now apply some logic to the way thoughts are created, and then accept what’s happening.”

—> “The session was the confirmation that I’m not over-sensitive, or weak. The insecurities and worries I have are no different from anyone else’s.”


Not bad for a first introduction session, plus they’re getting content in the group this week to further help ‘connect the dots’ with session 1, before we launch Session 2 on Thursday.


Seriously, this plan and the content will be life changing if you;
1) Feel a bit lost in daily life, and feel you’re stuck on a roundabout and can’t get off

2) Are someone who says “I Know what I should be eating to lose weight, I just don’t do it often enough”

3) Find daily intentions and plans get hijacked by “Fcuk it” moments, that pull the wheels off.

4) Are fed up being “Up and Down” with emotions

5) Feel like your mind and thoughts hijack or rule your actions, and affects your confidence and “Getting Sh!t done”


Then this course is for you —– if you want of course 🙂

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