Why wishing won’t get you anywhere

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“I wish I could……” Is a phrase often used, many times without logical thought on whether the person could actually do what they are wishing for.
(Often finishes with a “but…..” !)

“Make a wish…” Is a phrase used for children on blowing out candles.
But is that “wish” ever followed up or a plan laid out on how they might get what they wished for (unless of course it’s a unicorn or the ability to fly!)

The second option sums things up- we are set from an early stage (as many of our limiting beliefs actually stem from—- worth a consideration for a moment)
That wishes are just that.
Make a wish and ‘see’ if it comes true.

More often than not, it’s left there – as something we’ve thought about for a few seconds and then confined to our brain for years to come with many other thoughts and wishes.

But stop for a second – how many “wishes” can you think of from back in the day?

I bet you can recall some of them- whether it was from blowing out candles, to a Christmas present wish, to a bedside prayer you might have done.

And this is a great point – our brains remember these things.
They get filed away, because in life we can do MANY things – people often do extraordinary achievements and “wishes” whilst many others don’t.

Often there isn’t much difference from one person to the next, just the fact that they have made the wish/thought, then wrote it down, brought it to life, made it MEAN something to them – enough that they would start a plan, turn it into reality and take ACTION on achieving it.

So- it doesn’t have to be climbing Everest, or owning a Unicorn (!) but what is a wish you could/have made- and how much do you WANT that to happen?

Nothing is ever achieved by just thinking or knowing something.

So what are you waiting for exactly…..?!

(Happy to help bring those wishes to reality for you if you’re not sure where/how to start)

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