Why you ARE fine

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Reasons why YOU are just fine.

Everyone is individual.

Yet Everyone breaths and bleeds the same.
Everyone has their own shit going on in life at some point,
even if, quite often, with the growth of social media,
many don’t let this side out – they pretend life, business etc is amazing EVERY single day……

They’re fooling themselves, and pulling a mask over parts of everyday life.
I’ve come across this with Coaches and PT’s – they talk the talk, put themselves on this pedestal, yet deep down they are FAR from “where they talk to be”!

See, most people actually care a LOT LESS about what you’re doing, a lot less than you maybe think. They’re too busy dealing with their own ‘daily’ problems ……. either inside or outside their head!

So to have “fear” around doing something you NEED or WANT to do for fear of judgement, or what others might think …… sod that 🙂

See, as soon as you take your eyes off YOUR game, YOUR plan, YOUR focus, YOUR WANTS – you’re screwed!
You’re leaving things to chance – success or lack of is left to hope, and in time will massively dent your confidence, motivation and drive.

Same with comparison, and worrying about WHAT others are doing, HOW they might be doing it, WHY they’re doing it., and WHAT they’re thinking

You start to focus on THEIR goals, all of a sudden YOUR wants and aims become what THEY are doing – you lose your GOAL and you lose YOU, your UNIQUENESS.

One of THE best things you can do each day is to be YOU.
Think, talk, act and DO as YOU want to.
Because doing this repeatedly will not only increase your confidence, happiness and freedom, but you’ll resonate and draw closer people that you want, rather than the ‘pretend’ people.

Be you my friend.
Be YOU 🙂

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