Why you should NOT focus on your goal

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The last few emails have focused a fair bit
on the mind, thoughts, and it’s impact.
You see this is where transformation results (I mean long term, not just short term)
actually occur.
Feelings determine thoughts, thoughts determine actions
It’s that important,
that I’m gonna be changing a lot of
what I do, how I do it, and how I coach people to get lasting transformation.
It’s massively excited me!
If you’re up for learning why you have good days, bad days,
you’re rocking stuff,
but then something happens
and you drop 4 steps back,
why you have EVERY intention of achieving something,
but then something happens and you “self destruct”
you’ll probably want to keep your eyes
and ears peeled to my upcoming posts.
?So, why should you NOT put all your focus on your end goal/target?
(as most people suggest you should?)
Well, you set a goal and a target date
– that doesn’t change – it’s there.
However, on your journey towards that goal,
YOU change.
Every day, every hour, probably every minute,
you have different thoughts and feelings
entering your mind.
– Things you hear
– Things you smell
– Things you see
– Things you feel
All of these send sensory triggers to your brain,
and create multiple feelings and thoughts,
which always lead to actions.
– You know that song that triggers memories
– Someone says something and it gets you thinking/doubting
– You read something, and you think “that didn’t work last time”

These feelings and actions are the triggers

that will often move your forward

if happy and positive,

or backwards, if negative or cause doubt.

An example is your drive/commute to work.

One day someone might pull out in front of you,

you shake your head and let it pass.

Another day this exact same thing might happen,

but you hit the horn, your shouting obscenities,

you continue to drive up their ar*e, and even an

hour into work time, you’re still in a short fuse mood.


Same situation, but different reactions, likely linked

to the area of the mind/brain you were “sitting in”

when that “pull out” situation occurred.


So what’s the answer?!

1) Knowing the areas of the brain-set

2) Knowing when you’re in the “reptilian/self destruct” area

3) Knowing how to react when there

4) Knowing how to get out, and back to the human/logical side,

where happiness, logic and positive transformation occurs.


Get in contact if you want to understand more and possibly some

1-1 coaching, and help

YOU take lasting control!

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