Why you’re hungry…..

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So following on from my message the other day

about better breakfast choices

I had a follow up question from someone;

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I quite often get hungry a few hours after breakfast/mid morning what can you suggest?”


OK, I reckon if the above is the case you’re either

– Note eating breakfast

– You’re eating fruit/fruit juice for breakfast and/or cereal/toast.




Well these are Carbohydrate heavy choices,

meaning they get broken down in the body faster,

giving you a short burst of energy and blood sugar “hit”,

then it’s back to feeling hungry.


Not just this, but eating higher carb content meals like above,

will make people snack more often, and often the wrong choices,

due to this “rollercosater” of energy and blood sugar levels.


Both protein and fats take longer to breakdown in the stomach,

this means you’ll feel fuller for longer.


This is why I recommend the breakfasts in this post 

as they contain fat/protein and will benefit health and hunger levels equally.


Get up 5 mins earlier, and prepare/eat something that will

help you not hinder you – ANYTHING new is a chore at first! 😉


More great tips and information DAILY to help YOU!

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