Workout hard or long?!

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but why do you want to workout long?!! Unless you are training for a distance event – don’t!

Without giving #Gym Free secrets away, this is a big part of our workshop.

Think about it… work at a hard pace, run at a fast pace etc, you can only sustain this maximum effort for a short period of time.

It’s this sort of workload that will put demand on the body…..both calorifically, muscularly and mentally.

It’s this sort of workload that will change your body!

Running or working out for long periods of time will do nothing for weightloss, or your body composition, but it will for injuries, high cortisol (stress hormones) and tiredness/fatigue.

The key to effective workouts is Intensity.

Choose an exercise and workout with intensity….either a fast, controlled pace, or a heavy load, and keep the working set to a minimum…the time you work will be governed by the first two criteria.

If you want examples of intense workouts, try the Tabata Workouts on the Video’s tab, or drop me a line and as an additional service I can write workouts for you to use at home, the gym etc!

Too many people take too much time between exercises, don’t pick a heavy enough load, or just pick ineffectual exercises.

The key to bodyshape change will be in the exercises you use and the intensity you provide for the workout.

Don’t workout long…….workout hard, then rest, eat well and recover, and watch the results happen!

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