You DON’T need Willpower!

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– Feeling that you need more willpower, or motivation

on a regular basis, isn’t an internal fault of yours.

It’s more likely you’ve set yourself, or are setting yourself

up to do something you don’t really enjoy

or want to do.

– think about it – when was

the last time you did something you enjoyed,

and made you happy, but had to draw on willpower/motivation?


Like never.


As obvious as it sounds, the more times

you do things you actually enjoy, or make you

happy – the more often you’re going to do it,

and the direction you’ll go is forward.

Make things simpler, rather than more complex

to make this pattern of thought and action easier.


I’ll expand on this over the next few weeks,

to show why this is a BIG reason why people set goals,

or have positive intentions but “fall off the wagon”.


Also why 2 people can follow exactly the same plan,

and one can have great results,

but the other can fall away, or get minimal results.

And it’s nothing to do with genetics, fitness or willpower 🙂

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