You’ve got to get in the Hurtbox!

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On Wednesday this week I paid a visit to the “Hurtbox” – not an ideal visit, but a visit.

Then again this morning I locked myself in, and made it back out.

What am I talking about? The Hurtbox is a place you need to go, more often than not if you want results with your training. It’s a box you step in, close the door, and push yourself more than before.

When working out too many people will not even get out of their comfort zone , let alone get into the Hurtbox!

These people will get minimal results, minimal self motivation, and minimal success.

Wednesday, I had clients in the morning, a visit to my accountant, and got back around lunchtime. I’d not had near enough water, or eaten enough, but my window to get out on my road bike (Training for duathlons) was there, so I went out. It was cold, it was windy… wasn’t pretty! This was just going to be a quick 14miles, through undulating roads.

Everything seemed fine for the first half, then with about 4 miles to go things started to hurt. My right calf started to cramp (something I’ve had about 3 times in my life) and it was locking, and pulsating like something out of Alien, trying to break out of a body.

Now riding a bike uses a lot of calf work, and when it’s not working, you’re in trouble! I extended my leg and heel and stretched it in the pedal. It sort of worked, but kept spasm’ing every 30secs or so….I pushed on to get home…my finger tips were scarlet from the cold. I was now getting low blood sugar, and was getting a bit dizzy and heavy legged…more than normal. I eventually got home, got off the bike with lead legs, and stumbled about light headed and feeling the effects of low blood sugar and dehydration. I fuelled up, bathed in Epsom Salts, and by the evenings clients I was ok.

Moral – drink plenty of water, eat plenty of good food  – but sometimes you have to dig through the pain to complete something.

Compare that with today’s ride when I was ready – hit my 10mile course, and set a PB by nearly 60secs. To do this I had to work hard….lungs were burning from mile 4 onwards, thighs felt like hot pokers, lungs were gasping for breath – but if you want to improve, get results, and challenge yourself, you HAVE to get in the hurtbox, close the lid, to your stuff and get out again, a few times a week.

Just doing the same as last week, or stopping when something starts to hurt, burn, or you get short of breath will get you no where.

Commit to the cause.

Pay The Price

Reap the Rewards

Climb in the Hurtbox this week and let me know how you get on!

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